EASY DIY Frame Earring Holder

Easy Frame Earring Holder - DIY Craft Tutorial - Social Crafts

If you know me, you know I love fashion and to narrow it down even more, I LOVE accessories. With that comes the constant struggle to keep accessories, like earrings, organized.

Gone are the days of those simple jewelry holders that hold a few necklaces, a couple of bracelets, and a handful of earrings... and hello to a new way to housing all the earrings your heart desires: the EASY Frame Earring Holder.

DIY Earring Holder - DIY Craft Tutorial - Social Crafts


Easy Frame Earring Holder - DIY Social Crafts
First, disassemble your frame and discard the glass and frame backing.

Easy DIY Frame Earring Holder - Social Crafts
Easy DIY Frame Earring Holder - Social Crafts
If you plan to hang your earring holer this is a great time to add either nails or sawtooth picture hangers on the back of your frame if they are not already there. This is optional if you decide to not hang your earring holder.

Easy DIY Earring Holder - Social Crafts

Lay out the wire mesh add look at how much you will need to cover the back of the frame. Work slowly and carefully for the edges of the wire are sharp. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this example, I cut the wire mesh to fit inside the inner edge of the frame (where the glass usually rests), if I were to do this over again I would cut it larger to attach it to the very back of the frame. This will one, be easier because you don't have to be so precise in your measurements, and two help avoid something else that happened to me (read on to see).

DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials
DIY EASY Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials

Use the wire cutters to cut out your piece of wire mesh. This part takes a little patience. You have to snip the wires one by one. Again, work carefully and slowly for the wire edges are sharp and can cut you.

At this point, spray paint your wire mesh if you want it a different color than silver. When I made the black frame earring holder I spray painted it black. This one I wanted to keep silver to match the frame.

DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials
DIY Easy Earring Holder  - Craft Tutorials
DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials

Once you have finished cutting and spray painting your mesh, it's time to assemble! Attach wire mesh to frame with the staple gun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Here, as I said before, I attached the wire to the inner edge of the frame... I would advise against this because the inner edge is too thin and it showed the staples on the front side. I was able to fix it but to avoid this, staple your wire mesh to the very back side of the frame where it is thicker.

DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials

FIX: If you do end up stapling it to the inside frame and the staples show through, turn the frame right-side up and simply tapped the staple points with a hammer to make them flush with the frame front.

DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials
DIY Easy Earring Holder - Craft Tutorials

There you go! You got yourself a stylish gorgeous earring holder that will hold loads of earrings! Here I have two different style ones, the black one I made for myself and the silver is for a friend! They make great gifts!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If so, pin it to Pinterest and comment below.

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