Social Crafts Subscription Craft Box : Wooden Holiday Banner


LEARN how to make this gorgeous festive holiday banner from scratch. You will receive:

  • 9 wooden rounds
  • an alphabet stencil kit
  • fabric to braid your banner (in green, white, red, blue and twine to choose your combination)
  • paints (in green, red, white, and blue)

to make your very personalized banner. Here we made a "BELIEVE" and "LET IT SNOW" banner but you will have the ability to make one that says "HANUKKAH", "BE MERRY", "CHRISTMAS", "SANTA" or whatever you can think up!

Sign up by December 1st and all the supplies for this craft will be sent to you so you can create this on your own! We will be sending it early this month, around Dec. 5th, just in time to make and enjoy it for the holidays.

You will also be able to join us for our monthly LIVE Crafts and Conversations Show where we will demonstrate the correct techniques for this craft while chatting with our inspirational guest of the month. Expand your mind and get creative!

  • Mark your calendar, Facebook Live "Crafts & Conversations" tutorial date:
    • How to Arm Knit: Wednesday, December 5th @ 8 pm*
    • Wooden Holiday Banner: will not have a facebook LIVE this month, however, we will be emailing you a video tutorial link you for you to follow along.
*Your shipment will come with a tutorial link in case you cannot make the live session

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  • Our subscription service will focus on beautiful trending crafts that are often seen in stores but not realized you can make yourself. A great way to try new crafts and learn new skills with the ease of having all the supplies shipped to you, relieving the stress of battling craft stores and searching for the items yourself.  The skills learned from our craft boxes will build upon each other, helping your mind be naturally more creative and a constant way to be inspired!
  • We also feature a SOCIAL CRAFTS CLUB Facebook group to help build community. It is an open forum for the group to share current craft journeys, DIY tips, and to be "social" with one another. Please join us!

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