Wild Wilderness Party Food Ideas

Wild Wilderness Party Menu - Camping Food - Social Crafts
This weekend we are hitting the road to go camping and it got me inspired to make a camping influenced party menu. Whether you are actually going camping or just want to feel like it in the comfort of your own home, this menu will have you feeling like a true wilderness host.

Social Crafts curates party menus with inspiring recipes for you to follow (food not included however inspiration is limitless)! Find a theme you like, check out the recipes, choose a craft from our party craft boxes, and get your party going!

This Wild Wilderness party menu is complete with two drink recipes, four appetizer recipes, and two desserts recipes. Choose one or all to make your gathering a woodsy, warm, and wild party!

Fireball Cider Whisky Cocktail - Social Crafts Party Menu
Fireball Cider Cocktail is the perfect fireside cocktail, an easy blend of Fireball Whiskey, apple cider, and apple slices makes it easy to travel with and even easier to whip up. Get the recipe via What's Cooking America.

Spiked Ice Tea - Social Crafts Party Food Menu
Keeping with the Whisky theme, I give you Spiked Ice Tea! Might sound weird, but back in college my girls and I accidentally realized how good tea is with alcohol and it looks like this blogger found the magic as well! Check out her recipe via Exploration America.

Chicken Salad Apple Slices - Social Crafts Party Food Menues
Chicken Salad Apple Slices are an easy, delicious, and refreshing appetizer. It gives you a sweet and savory taste with every bite. LOVE! Check out the recipe via Yummy Addiction.

Jalapeño Stuffed Mini Peppers - Social Crafts Party Menus
Goat Cheese Jalapeno Stuffed Mini Peppers are an absolute hit. If you are camping you can simply throw these on the campfire grate or if you are at home place them straight on the BBQ. Get the recipes via Ambitious Kitchen.

Cowboy Caviar - Social Crafts Party Menus
Cowboy Caviar is a classic dish from the midwest and one you can make ahead of time. Pair it with tortilla chips and you will be in Cowboy heaven! Recipe via Culinary Hill.

Grilled Margarita Shrimp Kebabs look fancy but are so easy. Impress your guests with this yummy recipe that you can grill at your campsite or right in your backyard.
Recipe from A Farmgirl's Dabbles.

Campfire Cherry Hand Pies - Social Crafts Party Menus
Campfire Cherry Hand Pies bring me so much joy because it reminds me of my mom. My mom always has yummy, melt-in-your-mouth hand pies ready for me when I come to visit. So when I saw this campfire version... oh man, it stole my heart. You can even replace the cherry with whatever filling your heart desires. Get this recipe from The Kitchen Magpie.

S'more Bites - Social Crafts Party Menus
Would it really be a camping menu if I didn't have S'mores on it? Of course not! These S'more bites give you all the campfire flavor without all the campfire work! So YUMMY! Recipe via The First Year Blog.

I hope you get a chance to create from this menu. If you do, tag us @socialcrafts so we can see! If you have any great additions feel free to comment below.

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