Personalized Leather Circle Keychain

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-Please include any notes on formatting (i.e. if you want specific words on different lines, if you want it rounded at the bottom of the keychain instead of the center, etc).
-Characters are all uppercase and can include letters, numbers, "&", or a heart (use <3 to indicate a heart).
-If no formatting is indicated we will place it in the center and use all uppercase letters.

Let us know what you want your keychain to say and we will personalize it for you!

Ideas for your keychain:

  • An intention word: What is a word that you live by right now? What is a word that drives you? Get that stamped into the keychain as a daily reminder.
  • Have a friend that just had a baby? About to get married? Any other important date? Get a name(s) and date stamped on the keychain for a meaningful gift
  • Inside jokes and silliness! Personalize a keychain with you and your friends inside joke so you smile every time you see it.
  • Company names: personalize it with your company name or slogan as a promo gift

Product made from real leather.
Color: Dark Brown
Size of the leather circle: 1.5" diameter
Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, a heart symbol, and a "&" symbol available. If not specified in the notes box, we will stamp your keychain in uppercase letters.