MAKE YOUR OWN: Rubber Stamps

MAKE YOUR OWN: Rubber Stamps

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LEARN how to customize and carve your own rubber stamps. You can then use these to stamp on paper OR apply fabric paint to print on kitchen towels, tote bags, t-shirts... and MUCH MORE! This is also a craft that comes in handy if you are needing to apply the same print over and over to envelopes, greeting cards, invites, t-shirts, etc. You can use this skill to create awesome creative gifts for your friends and family.


You will receive:

Items you will need:

  • Scratch Paper
  • X-acto Knife or Scissors
  • Fabric Paint (optional)
  • Sponges (optional)
  • Fabric, tote, t-shirt, tea towels, etc. to stamp on (optional)

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