GIFT: 6-MONTHS (3 bi-monthly craft boxes)

GIFT: 6-MONTHS (3 bi-monthly craft boxes)

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Email will not be used initially. It will be used when the gift subscription is coming to an end and to ask if the recipient would like to continue.
  • Give the gift to create! This option will gift a six-month subscription to our most current craft boxes to the recipient of your choice, delivering a craft box every-other month totaling 3 deliveries. Buying 3-months at a time saves you $6!
  • This gift option is NOT recurring. This is a one time purchase, six-month gift. If you would like the recurring 6-month option please go HERE
  • This gift includes FREE SHIPPING
  • Our subscription service focuses on beautiful trending crafts that are often seen in stores but not realized you can make yourself. A great way to try new crafts and learn new skills with the ease of having all the supplies shipped to you, relieving the stress of battling craft stores and searching for the items yourself.  The skills learned from our craft boxes will build upon each other, helping your mind be naturally more creative and a constant way to be inspired!

Ensure your gift is sent correctly by:

  • Filling out the form above with the recipient's name, email, and address
  • Inserting your information into billing area during checkout
  • Inserting the gift recipient's address into the shipping during checkout
  • IF YOU ARE BUYING MULTIPLE GIFTS please make a separate order for each person you are buying a gift for. 

With this subscription:

  • Gift craft boxes will be sent out at the end of January, March, May, July, September, and November and will coincide with whatever one is closest to your payment
  • If you would like to know what craft the recipient will receive please email us at or choose one of our single purchase craft boxes HERE.
  • The gift subscription will end after 6-months with the option for your recipient to continue with their own payment.