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Diane Kazer's DIY Morning Mantra Mugs

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Diane Kazer, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, knows the importance of integrating creativity into your life, not just for fun, but for your health and to help expand your mind. The inspiring Morning Mantra Mug craft kit was specially created for her members that are in her programs that focus on balancing hormones and detoxification. A perfect way to get your morning going!

LEARN to customize your own mug with inspirational words and designs. We will teach you how to create artistic looking mugs with simple lines and techniques. A craft that can be used over and over again! These also make wonderful gifts.


This craft kit includes:

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Even if you are not in Diane's program, you are welcome to purchase this product. You will receive a full instructional with your shipment.

Empowering women to find their inner warrior is Diane's passion. You deserve to genuinely love the way you look and feel! She is here to guide you to discover a more sexy, playful, confident, energetic YOU. She believe that making organic and educated health choices and loving yourself completely are the foundations of healing. To find out more about her program visit:


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