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SOCIAL CRAFTS aims to bring more creativity into your life! We host beautifully interactive craft sessions providing a space for people to connect creatively. Whether hosting them at your business, house, or event we create events that give us a reason to come together to laugh, create, and socialize face to face. You can also receive our Monthly Subscription Craft boxes where a craft is sent to your home once a month and join us on our Social Crafts Facebook Group for our live tutorials and our live "Crafts and Conversation" show.


  • Parties: birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.
  • Business: for team building within your staff OR as an enticing event to bring in new customers
  • Events: festivals, camps, openings, conferences, conventions, farmers markets, night markets, etc.
  • Just to get the Friends Together: for no reason at all but to have a "Wine & Craft Night" or a "Mimosa & Craft Brunch". Perfect excuses to see your friends in a unique and fun atmosphere.

The idea first came to us when we had a women's boutique on Melrose. We hosted a monthly “Whisky, Wine, and Craft Night” for the locals. It was incredibly popular and not only brought a magnitude of awareness to the store but also brought an awesome community of people together. At each event, everyone had a blast and were continuously asking when the next one was. We sold out every time! 

Soon other businesses and friends were approaching us to do this for them, and that’s when SOCIAL CRAFTS was born. We have since closed our boutique and are solely focused on providing fun interactive experiences that will heighten creative skills and SOCIAL CRAFTS is just that.

SOCIAL CRAFTS is now being enjoyed at events, businesses, and private parties throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Northern California. It is a must-have addition to any gathering and is the perfect experience if you are looking to meet new people, expand your skill-set, and leave with a finished product you can take home.

As of January 2018, we launched our Monthly Subscription Craft Boxes. A DIY craft you can receive every month and follow along with a live tutorial on our Facebook Social Crafts Club Group.  We also have a product line, SC & CO. Collection, where you can buy our completed products giving you the joy of a handcrafted piece without all the work! 

We are excited to bring all this goodness to you and hope that you will join along in the journey:

  • Visit our event page HERE
  • Want us to come host your next event or party? CLICK HERE to find out the deets.
  • Subscribe to our Monthly Craft Box HERE
  • Shop our product line (great gifts!) HERE
  • See the latest DIY Tutorials HERE

 Want to know more about the founder Casey Lum? Keep scrolling, there's more...

 Social Crafts Founder - Casey Lum

As the founder of SOCIAL CRAFTS, it is my pleasure to bring crafts directly to you. Being a creator has been a passion of mine since I was young and I love sharing it with the people around me. From making Barbie clothes when I was little to crafts throughout my childhood and then becoming a fashion designer after college, creating is in my blood. I have a knack for seeing something in a store and instead of buying it, I recreate it!

I come from a huge artistic, do-it-yourself family and after being in the fast-paced fashion industry since 2004, I decided to come back to my roots and do the thing that really makes my heart sing... crafting with my hands.

It is one of my greatest joys to teach and be in the process of you learning something new. I see it as my purpose to help you become more confident in your abilities and awaken the creator that lies within you. If I can help you realize your potential and believe in yourself a little bit more after attending a SOCIAL CRAFT gathering, I have done my job.

I am here to teach you. Inspire you. Help build and create you.

Come to a SOCIAL CRAFT event and see your possibilities!

XOXO, Casey Lum