Social Crafts - Private Classes and Trainings


Hosting a party? Getting married? Or simply want to bring your craft skills to the next level? SOCIAL CRAFTS provides private classes and training to help you with specialty projects you are diving into.

I'm hosting a party and don't know where to get started...
We got you! We specialize in working with you prior to your party to build and create the centerpieces, party favors, or decor you envision. We source affordable materials and give you solid direction on how to get it done. Contact us at with your ideas and to get a quote. Want your friends to get involved? No problem, the more the merrier! Even better, throw a crafting party. See the details about our hosted crafts parties HERE!

I'm getting married and feeling overwhelmed...
Don't fret! We have a knack for these things. SOCIAL CRAFTS can take your vision and break it down into small steps to help accomplish the centerpieces, wedding favors, or decor of your dreams. We work with you prior to your wedding to source affordable materials and guide you through creating what once seemed like an impossible project. Whether you and I are working one-on-one or you want to get your entire bridal party involved, we will make this experience as easy, organized, and memorable as possible.

To help us expedite the process please provide the theme/colors of your wedding, pictures of the location, and the specific projects you are interested in working together on. Write us at to get started!

I want to bring my craft skills to the next level...
We love love love projects. And we love love love teaching. So if you have a project in mind that you don't know how to accomplish or need some assistance in doing so, ask us! SOCIAL CRAFTS has an immense amount of knowledge of different projects and we take the time to source supplies and instructionals so you don't have to. Some of the projects we've worked on are refurbishing wooden furniture, wall art pieces, sewing projects, and much more! If you have a project in mind or simply want to bring your craft skills to another level contact us at